Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dying naturally blonde hair brown?

I am thinking about dying my naturally light blonde hair brown and am not sure if I should do it. I want a change but am afraid that I will never be able to get back to my natural color. I know about semi-permanent dyes but don't know if these will ruin my natural color forever. Please help! Thanks!

Dying naturally blonde hair brown?

I've dyed my hair red, blonde, and variations of brown. I'm naturally a reddish brown color. I'm no longer dying it, but I had fun with trying things out. I say have fun with hair color, just be good to your hair. Don't go playing around with dyes if you're not ready to commit. Lighter hair is the easiest to play with. Try a temporary color that will wash out (Sally's or a another beauty supply store can help). This is not a semi-permanent color, but rather a temporary one time color. It won't give you a very dark tone, but it will definitely give you some insight as to whether you want to go darker. Or, you might just decide to stay blonde and keep the wash in for kicks! =)

Dying naturally blonde hair brown?

I will be completely honest. I have natural medium-brown hair, I dyed it red, then it grew out, so I stripped it [aka bleach] and then I had to dye it back to brown. But eventually you could see the fake brown, and I had to cut off all the other colors [when it was long enough, of course.] I think a decision like this is completely up to you!

Dying naturally blonde hair brown?

i think you should definitely keep your naturally light blonde hair. There arent many natural blondes anymore. Most blondes dye their hair these days. Plus when you start dying your hair it's usually never as light anymore. I had naturally dark blonde hair and i dyed it brown. I didnt like it so i started highlighting my hair blonde and i noticed my natural hair color got much darker, especially over time. I say stick with the blonde :)

Dying naturally blonde hair brown?

As Rick's wife and a hair designer, semi-permanent hair color is a good way of trying out a new color, but your hair should be in fairly good condition to start if your hair is damaged you should deep condition before you use it, because damaged hair will grab more of the color than healthy hair, also a good trim does wonders for those dry damaged ends if this applies to you.

Dying naturally blonde hair brown?

I think that you shouldn't die your hair, especially if it is blonde.

I have naturally blonde hair, I died it darker, and I had to die it every month, which was very costly, and annoying.

You get bad grow out and roots in your hair.

I made a really big mistake dieing my hair, and I wish I wouldn't have ever done it.

Now I have my hair brown because it is easier to take care of, but it is still hard because I have re-die it all the time.

So my advice; don't die it! You'll regret it!

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