Thursday, April 26, 2012

How can i get honey blonde hair?

I want this color

My hair is light/medium brown now. It's been dyed several times, but my hair has been holding up well and I condition it with very expensive, really good products.

I haven't dyed in 6 weeks.

I realize I will need to bleach and remove the dye.

But I can't find a dye close to that picture.

I use stuff from Sally's only.

Is there a different name for that hair color?

Is it a dark golden blonde?

I'm cool-toned and have gray eyes so i'm wondering if that color would wash me out?

How can i get honey blonde hair?

thAtsz proLLyy more likee a goLden bLondee;;

%26amp;+ i thinkk it wouLd look veryy nicee on yUhh;; dont even worry aboutt it ! go aheadd %26amp;+ do it =]]

-nAniibAybee .

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