Friday, April 20, 2012

Know of any natural looking blonde hair dye?

I have dark blonde hair with some goldenish highlights that i want gone, so I'm thinking of dying my hair blonde... any one have any specific brands and/or color of blond that works well??

Know of any natural looking blonde hair dye?

i wouldnt dye your hair at home. go to a stylist bc they will tint and tone it to the right color. If you dye it at home ur stuck with that color. at least if u go to a stylist and u say u dont like it they are obligated to tint and tone it to the color u like the best. dont be afraid to speak up if u dont like something.

Know of any natural looking blonde hair dye?

go to sally`s a beauty supply store and buy Champagne blonde in fact it is miss clariol 40D also buy a bottle of 40 creme developer and mix it 2oz of developer and the 2oz bottle of miss clariol put it on well and let it sit for 25 minutes works great and is a beautiful blonde (light) been doing it for 20 years you will need a mixer bottle 99 cents and a pair of reusable gloves couple of bucks total cost af all15.00 max and you can do it yourself why go to a salon and pay big bucks?????????? good luck

Know of any natural looking blonde hair dye?

A salon is your best bet. But from experience, if you're not a natural blonde you can always tell when the outgrowth comes and it is a continuos maintenance issue and damages your hair because of the chemicals involved in removing color.

But a stylist can acheive your goals for you without it being so obvious to those around you that you see everyday. Maybe a some lighter highlights mixed in to make it look more natural and would be far less damaging. Make it appear as the sun has done this and not you.

Good luck, hope you get the answer you are looking for.


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