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What's a great toner for blonde hair??

a way to done down blonde hair.......add golden, beige color.....over bleached hair. But my hair is not too pale, and it does have some brassiness to it. I just recently bleached it from dark brown, back to blonde. I'm currently using Roux rinse in Frivolous Fawn, but it's so messy and washes out. Is there a professional product i can get from Sally's, that will permanently tone it?? Looking for a golden beige tone, like what i'm getting with the Roux. Thanks.

What's a great toner for blonde hair??

sallys makes a creme toner from clariol....this would work for you.....when you say brassiness do you mean to much much yellow? depending on what brassiness means to you.........i need more info..............having recieving more info i will then tell you what toner to choose and what volume of peroxide to buy a cosmetoligist and also use to be a cosmetologist teacher......i was awarded the 2004 colorist and cosmetologist of the year also

What's a great toner for blonde hair??

honey, these 2 are fabulous at glazing (toning) your hair. They renew its color and bring more brightness, shine, and flow into your hair. Trust me daah-ling, I am one real expert. For more hair tips, please contact me. You know where to find me! =)

What's a great toner for blonde hair??

That Roux is messy and washes out with the next shampoo, drips over everything, and doesn't smell too good. It also leaves hair stiff in places, and has to be combed or brushed well to spread over entire area that it was applied. I have been coloring my hair for over 50 years (giving away my age, but I started at age 2 - - haha) and have colored it every color imaginable, and been through all sorts of home do-it-yourself and beauty shop proceedures.

Things to remember

1. Don't apply an ash toner now as it will turn your hair green.

2. Let it rest for 2 weeks, as color won't take over color, but if

you are using Roux, 2 weeks will be long enough to wait.

3. But a semi-permanent Loreal Product, such as a Light

Golden Blonde (it will tell you on the box that it is WARM)

4. Definitely get a WARM shade.

5. It will wash out after about 6-8 shampoos, each time getting a l

little lighter.

6. This temporary color will let you know if it is the permanent

color you want and then get the PERMANENT that doesn't

wash out or see if maybe you want to go to a lighter shade.

Maybe you will do better with a tone darker. (I think you will

go with the lighter.)

7. Wait till Loreal goes on sale, use the coupon before going

to Walgreens, Osco, K-Mart, or wherever. That color is better,

I think, than what Sally's has.

Another Solution:

One good thing that I like from Sally's is the hair coloring mousse which you use like mousse and it isn't messy, and doesn't drip, but will wash out when you shampoo. This is a good method to use temporarily until you decide what you want to do.

Loreal comes in a kit that includes two things you must use: Protective Pre-color Serum before coloring, and A super conditioner (that you should leave on for about 15 minutes in your case) after you color. It isn't messy. Just put the conditioner on and go about your chores.

Good luck!

Such fun to color one's hair.

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